Friday, December 28, 2012

Rejoining the blogging world

After several months of sulking about the relative boringness of my life in LA, I am going to restart this sucker. Blogging is good for the soul. 

I've spent the past two weeks in San Jose with family and friends. Each time I return home, I remember how blessed I am. I have parents that continue to welcome me (and my animals) into their home. I love spending hours in the hot tub with them contemplating ways to stop the dogs from digging up the yard, plotting life plans, and reflecting on transitions. I have grandparents who encourage and love generously. I could sit on their couch listening to stories, poetry recitations, and family updates for hours. I have genuine relationships with both my brothers. No matter how much we joke around, I know that we are protective, supportive, and proud of each other. I have friends who have known me for 10, 15, 20+ years. There is no self-consciousness with these friends. Only lots of laughter, banter, and tough questions. So nice to go from a slow social life in Socal to tacky sweater parties, miniature ice skating rinks under palm trees, white elephant exchanges, baby showers, hot tub soaks, annual Christmas parties, social walks, wine bars, and coffee dates. The full-blown extrovert in me has reveled in this people time. 

It gets easy to wallow in self-pity about the difficulty of transitions (in case you haven't gathered, my transition back to the US has been a bit bumpy). Yet, I am reminded this holiday that there are a lot of amazing people in my life. Not only in San Jose, but all over the world. Happy holidays, everyone!