Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exploring Western Uganda

We drove amidst herds of buffalo and lounging baboons, successfully evaded the greedy hands of corrupt traffic cops, and navigated a wide array of potholes, mud pits, and meandering goats. We successfully deciphered webs of unlabeled dirt roads and improvised solutions to road closures. In the end, the views, animal sightings, and stories were worth every safari ant bite and every stretch of shock-eroding gravel! We visited three areas in Western Uganda: Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth National Park (including Ishasha), and Fort Portal. The landscape was stunning and, by the end, we viewed nearly all the major game that Uganda has to offer: lions, a leopard, a hyena, chimps, zebras, mongoose, hippos, crocodiles... truly an amazing trip (made even better by the company-- Sarah all the way from California and a co-worker, DJ). Chimp trekking:
Our room at Mihingo (in Lake Mburo National Park)
10 yards away from a leopard!
One of three male lions we saw in Queen Elizabeth!
Zebras in Lake Mburo area
Crested Cranes doing a dance (Uganda's national bird)
Breakfast views from Ndali Lodge (near Fort Portal)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 ÷ 2= 1

2 chickens ÷ 2 eggs in one week= only one egg per chicken per week. Not sure what to make of that. My online research has indicated that they should be laying 1 egg each every day! Perhaps I do not have a career in egg harvesting...