Friday, October 22, 2010

A week of discovery

This week I have been on vacation. There’s nothing like a few days off and some time out of town to reflect on life and progress. I spent my first three days on a safari to Murchison Falls in the northeastern region of Uganda. Then I went on an overnight trip to Bulago Island to lounge by a pool in the middle of Lake Victoria. I left myself three days to settle back in before starting work again. While vacationing, I have contemplated many things and have made numerous deep and not-so-profound discoveries in the last few days. A few such discoveries:

*Giraffe are the coolest creatures ever made. I can’t believe they live in the same country I do!
*It has officially been almost 3 months since I have watched any television (I am not counting the downloaded versions of Glee that I have my kids pay for and bring in for lunch-time viewing parties. They aren’t on a TV when we watch them, so they shouldn’t count).
*I can now get myself in and out of Kampala successfully using public transport all on my own. Hello, Freedom and Flexibility, my name is Sarah.
*My kitten can (and does) sprint up and down all the mosquito screens in my house whenever I am not looking. My puppy eats my shoes. Grrr.
*Warthogs look surprisingly like lions when they shuffle in the brush (and you desperately want to see a lion).
*Lakes can sort of feel like an ocean. For this land-locked beach junkie, that is a good thing indeed.
*It is worth paying for a guide on a safari. They can spot leopards in trees in the distance (a very rare spotting, I am told).
*Once I sort out my housing situation, I would like to acquire a goat. They are just funny and idiotic creatures. When I move I will happily donate him to the kid who walks the herd of goats down my street.
*Generally, I am feeling much more positive about this place. I like that.

Just for fun, a brief photo journey through my last week:
Murchison Falls:

Bulago Island:

Does vacation have to end?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This week I danced

in front of the entire ISU community (perhaps 700 people?) for Ugandan Independence Day...

I watched monkeys leap from trees in the botanical garden...

I coached...

And watched my animals grow...

...just another typical week in Kampala.